Mobile agitating hopper for concrete and mortar

A021 is a mobile agitator for concrete and mortar equipped with a diesel engine. It is equipped with 4 attachment points for been handled by crane or other lifting mean. It is essential to keep the cement mixture mixed and thus avoid segregation. Ideal for work in tunnels, mines or in narrow passages.It has a capacity of 2 cubic meters and is equipped with an unloading pipe in the lower part driven by a hydraulic piston. The A021 is also equipped with a 140 l capacity water tank, a centrifugal pump and an electronic flow meter with display to add water to the mix in case it is necessary to increase its slump.

LOADING CAPACITY 2 m³ - 2.6 yd³
WATER TANK CAPACITY 140 l - 37 gal
EQUIPMENT HEIGHT 1363 mm - 4' 10''
EQUIPMENT LENGTH 4610 mm - 15' 1''
EQUIPMENT WIDTH 1662 mm - 5' 5''
EQUIPMENT WEIGHT 2500 kg - 5511 lb