UTMOST MOBILITY Ideal for medium-sized construction sites and for hooklift systems. SEE S730 L SERIES LEGO MOULDS Don't throw away concrete in excess, fill in a mould! L SERIES DISCOVER THE FUTURE Planetary mixer and concrete piston pump, what else? SEE D930 K960 THE BEST GRAVIMETRIC MIXER K960 is the most advanced gravimetric mixer on truck on the market. DISCOVER K960
Product Range
Gravimetric Mixers
Continuous mixing
From 30 to 60 m³/h
From 4 to 12 m³ fully loaded
Mobile Batching Plants
Batch production
Up to 15 m³/h
Up to 9 m³ fully loaded
Live Bottom Tippers
Live bottom tippers and stone spreaders mounted on truck
Lego Moulds
To manufacture concrete Lego blocks
Several models and accessories
Why Gravimetric Mixer

The Gravimetric Mixers series S and K are the only ones on the market to measure every element continuously, even aggregates. Unlike competitors, which produce volumetric mixers and therefore cannot offer guarantees of the quality of the mixture, Kimera offers systems capable of certifying the productions by weight.

Lego Moulds
Find out how to reuse the excess concrete left in the barrel to make concrete Lego blocks. Thanks to Kimera’s L series, you can easily create retaining walls and other temporary structures.
Dealer Network
Kimera distributes its plants through a sales and service network and is always looking for new dealers for uncovered areas. Satisfying the specific needs of each individual customer is our main concern.
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