Gravimetric Mixers

A Kimera gravimetric mixer is a mobile plant, normally mounted on a truck or trailer, for the continuous production of concrete, mortar, screed, RCC concrete or cold asphalt with a continuous weighing system for aggregates (ZW8 system, Kimera patent) , weighing by deduction of cement and measurement with electromagnetic flow meters of water and additives.

Choose the model of gravimetric mixer suitable for your needs

Max. production fully loaded: 4 m³
Max. production speed: 30 m³/h
Truck: 2 axles - 18 tons
Max. production fully loaded: 7 m³
Max. production speed: 30 m³/h
Truck: 3 axles - 28 tons
K960 mixer
Max. production fully loaded: 9 m³
Max. production speed: 60 m³/h
Truck: 4 axles - 38 tons
Max. production fully loaded: 12 m³
Max. production speed: 60 m³/h
Trailer: 3 axles - 44 tons
Impianto K24150
Max production fully loaded: 24 m³
Max production speed: 150 m³/h
Semi-trailer: low-bed 3 axles
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Max production at full load: 4 m³
Max production speed: 40 m³ / h
Truck: 4 axles - 18 tons
Why a gravimetric mixer is better than a volumetric mixer

A Kimera gravimetric mixer doses by weight, a volumetric mixer by volume, but the volume of a material is not constant, in fact it varies according to the compaction (if cement is vibrated, its density will increase), the external temperature and its humidity.


A Kimera gravimetric mixer is equipped with the latest generation electronic management system that automates the production cycle. A volumetric mixer must be managed manually by the operator, adjusting trapdoors and hydraulic valves.


A Kimera gravimetric mixer is equipped with an automatic corrective action system which, based on the data collected by the weighing systems and other sensors, modifies the dosage of the various elements to keep production constant and correct. A volumetric mixer cannot carry out these checks because it does not have an intelligent management system.


A Kimera gravimetric mixer records at least the last 200 production cycles carried out, including the mix design and real quantity of each single ingredient. This guarantees maximum production quality. A volumetric mixer simply cannot guarantee what is produced by not weighing the elements.

ZW8 Kimera Serie S
ZW8 gravimetric weighing system

All Kimera gravimetric mixers are equipped with 2 independent extraction belts (one for sand and one for gravel) and a continuous weighing system called ZW8 (ZWEIGHT), consisting of two belts, one for each extraction belt, suspended on 3 load cells. ZW8 is the most advanced gravimetric weighing system in the market and guarantees a maximum error of 1%.

Continuous mixing system

The continuous mixing system of Kimera plants is the only one in the world with a double stage. The ingredients arrive in the first auger, equipped with blades and are mixed together. The mix falls into the second auger which continues the homogenization of the mixture up to its discharge.
Both shafts are equipped with interchangeable wear elements in 12/15 mm HARDOX 500 steel or Ni-Hard cast iron, 35 mm thick and 700 Brinnel hardness. This feature allows the lowest maintenance cost on the market.

Sistema mescolazione Kimera serie S