K960 gravimetric Mixer

K960 gravimetric mixer

The K960 continuous mixing mobile plant is the most performing model of the Kimera gravimetric mixers line. It is ideal for installation on 4-axles trucks, with a capacity of at least 38 tons, and offers up to 60 m³/h of production speed. The K960 plant can simultaneously manage up to 10 different ingredients in a single mix design and, thanks to the PRO-K electronic management system, it is the best mobile concrete plant currently on the market.

K960 can use aggregates up to 50 mm and produce mixtures of any consistency. K960 is the best choice for those who are looking for a mobile concrete mixer capable of guaranteeing maximum efficiency, versatility and performance at the highest level.

Max production speed
Max production fully loaded
Hopper 1 capacity
Hopper 2 capacity
Cement capacity
Water capacity
60 m³/h 9 m³ 5,6 m³ 5,6 m³ 3000 kg 2700 l
Max aggregate size
50 mm 2410 mm 7300 mm 2300 mm 5200 kg

*Could change due to accessories addition

Turbodiesel engine
83 KW turbodiesel engine equipped with hydraulic pump and electric battery. It allows the plant to work with no need of additional power source.
Hook-lift system
Special frame for coupling with hook-lift system on truck. The plant can work both on truck and on the ground, so the vehicle is also used for other equipments.
Liquid admixtures
Kit for simultaneous dosing of 3 liquid admixtures consisting of removable 27-liter tanks, membrane pumps and a multi-line electromagnetic flowmeter.
Jet washer
Built-in jet washer with lance for high pressure washing, up to 100 Bar. Always ready for use as it works with the hydraulic system of the machine.
Thermal printer to print production tickets to be delivered to the customer as proof of the concrete produced.
Radio remote control
Multifunction radio remote control for production START/STOP, UP/DOWN and RIGHT/LEFT rotation of the second auger and UP/DOWN of the additional chutes.
Cold apshalt kit
Kit for the production of cold asphalt composed of a preheated pump for bituminous emulsion and boots for augers in Vulkolan polyurethane.
Powder dispenser
150 l capacity powder dispenser, mounted on a weighing system, with extraction and transport auger and vibrator. Ideal for producing colored concrete.
Glass fiber chopper
Glass fiber chopper, with continuous cutting system, mounted on a weighing system.
Electrically operated tarpaulin for aggregate hopper. It prevents material from spilling and protects it from rain.
Automatic greaser
Automatic centralized greasing system, programmable according to your needs.
Infrared probe
Humidity probe
Infrared probe for continuous detection of the percentage of aggregates humidity. It can work with any grain size. Automatically changes the dosages of water and sand.